It’s Officially October…You know what that means

3 Oct

It’s officially October and immediately I find myself  getting excited for the end of the month.. Halloween! As I mentioned before I like to get out with friends and unlike most “normal” people who stop dressing up at the end of elementary school, my friends and I have yet to pass on a good excuse to get dressed up and have some fun.  I’m going to dedicate this blog to the best Halloween costumes I’ve seen… or can remember seeing, and some of the favorites I have went out as in the past.

My all time favorite costume I went out as was two years ago when I became obsessed with the HBO series “Trueblood” and went out as the main character Sookie Stackhouse, forcing my boyfriend at the time to go as her vampire boyfriend Bill…oh, the things you do for love.  I went a little above and beyond I guess and got a “Merlottes” shirt made, the bar she waitresses at and even carried around a tray of Trueblood “A negative” drinks my friend and I made out of Blackfly coolers. The only thing about these costumes was very few people knew who we were but when people did it was exciting! I almost want to go out as Sookie again this year and since she’s now single and so am I won’t need to force anyone to be a vampire with me. ..bonus!

At the Halloween party I was at this night I ran into someone who went out as the hand dryer you see in public restrooms.  When asked what he was he simply pointed at the machine in front of him and said “I’m one of these!” I really liked this one because WHO thinks to themselves..I really want to go out as the public washroom hand dryer this year.

Last year some girlfriends and I decided to go out as Candyland, inspired by Katy Perry’s  “California Girls” music video.

The four of us got different coloured wigs we ordered off eBay, and different coloured corsets and skirts we found at a little shop downtown.  We bought a ton of candy and attached it to the costume using a glue gun.  If you remember the candy buttons you can see we glued those individually all over the costumes. No slacking on costumes here! I remember the lady at the candy shop was so sad when I told her what I was using the candy for and she even offered some tips on how I could salvage some candy to eat after I wore it all night at a bar…yuck!

That night we went to the Steamwhistle Brewery’s Halloween Party where I saw the best costumes ever! I don’t remember who won best costume that night but I remember my favorite of the night. I ran into these two girls, I believe they were twin sisters and they were dressed as “Spy vs. Spy” from Mad magazine.  Unfortunately I’ve misplaced the picture I took with them but one girl wore all white and one all black with the little spy hats and one carried a stick of dynamite and the other little round bombs. They were too awesome!

Hopefully this blog helped muster up some Halloween excitement in you and lend some inspiration to your costume ideas this year. 28 days left to get it together… good luck!


Shellac: A party girl’s best friend

27 Sep

I recently decided to try a Shellac manicure; a new type of manicure offered in salons that uses gel polish which is dried under UV lamps for a revolutionary new manicure.

The benefits of this new technique is that the polish dries immediately, allowing you to pay, grab your keys and go the second your Esthetician finishes your top coat. This is a major benefit to girls like me who barely have time to squeeze in a manicure let alone sit there afterwards for 20 minutes wondering if you’re okay to go.

The first thing I noticed as I pulled my hands out from under the lamps was how perfect they looked because of the gel polish used with shellac. They reminded me of fake gel nails but without the hassle of having all that damaging glue applied and the inevitable cracking and chipping that seems to always occur …to me at least.

The CND Shellac manicure ensures customers that they will receive a 14 day chip free manicure and as someone who chips her manicure on the regular, that was exciting news. I don’t know if this is a problem that only happens to me because I go out partying, dancing like a wild woman, falling around the streets of Toronto, or because I like to rough it in the woods, boating and camping with friends, or if I’m simply chewing off my polish as I nervously complete assignments for my post-grad, but for whatever reason I can’t seem to make a polish change last more than a day.

The Shellac manicure seems to be changing things, however, as I had it applied Thursday evening, 5 full days ago, and there are still no scratches in sight. ..and it wasn’t a relaxing weekend at home either, that’s for sure. The only complaint I have is that my nails seem to be growing out and I wish she had kept closer to my cuticle when applying the polish. ..but you can’t win ’em all.

Another note on the shellac manicure is that they don’t have to be expensive. I worked at a salon and spa in the suburbs recently that charged $40.00 for a basic shellac manicure (no french polish), however I had never had it done because of rumours that the shellac technique can ruin your nails. This manicure was only $15.00 and I was very impressed especially having chosen black polish which tends to chip more easily and mistakes are generally more noticeable on fair skin like mine.

All in all I am very happy with my first experience with the new shellac manicure and would highly recommend it to other party girls that tend to scuff themselves up a bit every once in a while ;o)

Day of Procrastination

19 Sep

Welcome to my first blog posting ever! I’m Lindsey and am currently taking Corporate Communications at Seneca College. Our Social Media professor encouraged us to start our own blogs to get used to writing for an online audience so here goes. Oh and as a precursor to this I’d like to warn you that I have no experience writing blogs nor do I have any expertise in any specific subject so I’m just gonna start writing and see where my thought process takes me right now.

So I woke up with intentions of starting a blog and it is now 9pm and I am starting to type my first few sentences while watching DWTS. I just saw China perform and thought she was super graceful. I’m excited to see how she will do this season, although I feel like the contestants with experience in fields like singing, skating or acting often have an unfair advantage as they have experience being choreographed and are more aware of their bodies and placement.

Since I have Mondays off I usually designate it as my day to do readings, assignments, networking, etc. however they tend to go somewhat like today and turn into days of procrastination. Although I did get some readings and head starts on assignments done I was also able to fit in downloading and watching the comedies “Bridesmaids” and “Bad Teacher”.  I had seen Bridesmaids before and heard bad things about Bad Teacher but was pleasantly surprised.  Cameron Diaz’ bad ass role was hilarious as was Jason Siegal. I’m starting to wonder if it was actually that good or if my alternatives to watching were just so much less appealing..hmm..

I watched these flicks on the site “project free TV” which my friend just told me about last night. I had to download a program called emule, and I HATE downloading things because I’ve had so many problems with viruses in the past but it hasn’t seemed to affect my computer as of yet (knock on wood). I will keep you posted on that though.

I’m realizing as I’m writing this that this blogging thing will probably turn into another means of procrastination on Mondays and it will be especially dangerous since my prof recommended it and I will justify blogging instead of doing homework  because of that.  We shall see..